In 2003 at the Dale and Mary Brayton residence in Dundas, MN, James and Dawn Ingham, and Mary Brayton got together to plan a Halloween party for the family. After much discussion, and Jim's boredom, he went into the basement to get something for the grill. As Jim turned around, he noticed the dark, open space of the 1100 square foot basement. The idea hit him like the scares at Mill Town Haunt; "Let's make this into a haunted house". Jim ran up the stairs, pitched the idea to Dawn and Mary, and BOO! it starts.

Family enjoyed it and started bring their friends the next year. As more and more people attended it forced a move to property owned by Brent Wilcox, South Cedar Shores near Morristown, MN. 2010 the Ingham family bought their home in Dundas, MN. Moved in October 1st and had a haunt built in time for Halloween. With help from the Northfield EMS Explorer post, Ingham's garage and driveway was open to the public for goodwill donations, and the money went to the Explorers. Continuing with volunteers who have so much fun in 2011, after the haunt was over, the main organizers, James Ingham, Bill Mcgeough, JD Ingham and Jarrod Spriggs were sitting by a campfire celebrating the success, decided to give it a name and a purpose; to raise money for charity.

After several ideas, the consideration that Dundas and Northfield are both "Mill Towns", we had a name. 2012 Mill Town Haunt moved again to the south side of Dundas to the property of Doug DeMann. He and his wife tolerated us for 3 years. In 2015, Mill Town Haunt had the opportunity to move once again to the Rice County Steam and Gas Engines Inc south of Dundas on Hwy 3. It is a safer, well light and visible site that we hope remains our home for years to come. Mill Town Haunt has endured pains operating out of tents. Wind and rain have created challenges that we have to over come. Even today, weather plays a part in our innovation and creativity when building a sturdy, portable and SAFE haunted attraction for all to enjoy. Happy Haunting.