Please Visit Our Friends!

  • A Haunting Event

    Not for the faint of heart, our many unique characters roam the haunt site, creeping about in dark corners as you make your way through the alleys and haunted nooks of our spooky grounds.

  • A fiery pit

    A warm fire is the only welcome you'll find among our dark twisted homes long abandoned to the spooks and devils of the night. Keep your distance and your wits about you.

  • Enter ye who dare

    Discover our many homes and shops, deserted by the previous inhabitants and taken over by our zombies and ghosts. They'll let you in, but will you find your way out?

  • Doll house

    What can be a comfort to some can be twisted into a horrible torment to others. Reality blurs with our many scary twists on familiarity. Watch yourself or we will also be haunting your dreams!

  • The Haunt

    Visit our Haunt site in October. We look forward to scaring you very soon!

  • Emporium

    Our unique installations contain many custom qualities and new takes on old fears. Lose yourself in our darkest places as you experience a variety of freaky encounters